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screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-18-08-30Initiated by a group of Lebanese University – Fine Arts alumni as an experimental conception, Space27 aims to bridge the existing gap between art education and practice.

First off, it provides and maintains an affordable space for artists and art students and supports their needs in the production and presentation of work outside the context of existing institutional structures.
The space also hosts its own initiatives, including workshops, art critique meetings, drawing sessions, and informal networking opportunities that cultivate an artistic community and foster collaborations.
Space27 also offers an artist residency opportunity, allowing for artists visiting Beirut for short work periods to be housed in the space, participate in its activities, and exchange with local emerging artists. 

As artists, Space members work on using art as a tool to circulate research and knowledge beyond activist and academic circles as well as initiating and providing technical support for projects that empower women and young artists and focus on social issues.


Experimental project by Hiba Najem, Mike Malajalian, Hadi Deaibes

Experimental project by Hiba Najem, Mike Malajalian, Hadi Deaibes

We aim at triggering a dialogue between students, artists – both emerging and established – curators, critics, viewers, and other agents in the art world.
We hope that this will eventually lead to a more diversified art scene; less frustrating for young artists to participate in the ongoing shaping of culture

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